August 04, 2006

US: Analyst Interview Highlights: General Electric, Archer Daniels-Midland, Evergreen Solar, Energy Conversion Devices and Pacific Ethanol

The problem with a lot of the pure-play alt-energy companies is that they’re trading at extraordinarily high valuations. Many of them have multiples way up in the hundreds; some have even gone over 1,000. This obviously creates a great deal of risk, especially when profitability is still a year or two out.
The winners will be those that are first to market - I’m thinking specifically of Evergreen Solar (Nasdaq: ESLR) and Energy Conversion Devices (Nasdaq: ENER). We like the stories of these two companies, but we feel they are very expensive at this time. ... But there still is considerable downside risk - and they won’t be showing profits until 2008.