April 05, 2007

Zwei Milliarden Menschen ohne Wasser
+ 04.04.2007 + Das 20. Jahrhundert war das Jahrhundert der Kriegsflüchtlinge. Das 21. Jahrhundert wird das Jahrhundert der Umwelt- und Wasserflüchtlinge.
USA: Oberstes Gericht rüffelt Bushs Klimapolitik
+ 04.04.2007 + Die Umweltpolitik von US-Präsident George W. Bush hat vor dem Obersten Gerichtshof der USA eine Niederlage erlitten.
Top Ten der deutschen erneuerbaren Energienbranche
+ 05.04.2007 + Mit Biomasse, Sonne und Wind lassen sich gute Geschäfte machen.
Vattenfall: Bis 2020 gibt es nur noch Ökokraftwerke
+ 05.04.2007 + Bis 2020 will der drittgrößte deutsche Energiekonzern Vattenfall Europe nur noch Koh­lekraftwerke ohne CO2-Ausstoß betreiben.
ENCAP aims to profit from biofuel byproducts
April 3, 2007
Quick—ethanol producers, stop feeding your distiller grains to cattle.
A small privately-held soil amendment company in Wisconsin thinks it's found a more profitable way to get rid of the byproducts of biofuels.
Solar startup Sunfilm to make thin film sandwiches
April 4, 2007
You won't be able to see through their modules, but a new German solar startup is the latest to announce plans to sandwich glass in several layers of thin film technology, using forthcoming equipment from Applied Materials (NASDAQ: AMAT).
FPL raises $6.5 billion
April 5, 2007
The wind industry might benefit from a $6.5b line of credit arranged this week by FPL Group. This deal and 6 more in this week's dealflow roundup.
Garden chain drops patio heaters
April 5, 2007
Britain's biggest garden centre chain is to stop selling some of its most popular products, including patio heaters and peat, over concerns about their impact on the environment, it was announced today.
Which Way to the Sun? Where is Solar Headed?
I had a chance to talk with David Hochschild, the outgoing Executive Director of PV Now about his thoughts on the solar industry and recent changes. PVNow is an industry association that, among other things, helped lobby for the net metering and the solar initiative in California and increased RPS standards in Texas and New Jersey. David is a well-known advocate and speaker on solar issues.
Waste-to-Energy Plants Could Replace Incinerators
LONDON, Apr. 2, 2007 -- Cutting edge waste-to-energy plants that are smaller and cleaner than incinerators could soon hit the U.K. market, ending the need for polluting incinerator projects.
The plants run a new process that transforms non-recyclable waste into a clean syn-gas, used to generate clean power and a high-strength building material, with the plant itself powered by the syn-gas it produces.
Carbon-neutral and very low in emissions with plants around a third of the size of incinerators, the Gasplasma process can compete with incinerators on a number of counts, according to Andrew Hamilton, CEO of Advanced Plasma Power, the company that patented the process.
Back from the Dead? The Future of EV Powered Cars.
Nouvelles d'Allemagne
Il apparait de plus en plus que le montant annoncé (3.3 %) et qui faisait de l'Allemagne un mauvais élève en matière d'énergies renouvelables est tronqué. En effet, ce sont 7.7 % de la production d'énergie qui se fait par le biais du renouvelable en 2006. L'accroissement est considérable en une année de 6.8 à 7.7.
Général compression
Général compression lance une nouvelle sorte d'éolienne : dotée d'un compresseur, elle produit de l'air comprimé au lieu d'électricité.
X Prize to Inspire Super-Efficient Vehicles
April 4, 2007
The non-profit X Prize Foundation, known worldwide for its efforts to encourage private spaceflight, is launching a new competition to develop super-efficient vehicles that are capable of succeeding in the marketplace. The international, multi-year challenge aims to inspire teams to build desirable, affordable, fuel-efficient, and production-capable vehicles by offering a multi-million dollar cash purse. The contest is open to auto manufacturers and independent innovators alike.
1:1 Digital House and the Future of Green Building
April 4, 2007
There is a direct link between the growing "intelligence" of our homes -- their increasing ability to use electronics to sense, monitor and adapt -- and their sustainability. Many of the coolest aspects of green building involve the building itself responding to the conditions around it, working with, rather than against, the sun, wind and weather. Such adaptive, responsive buildings are at least as important a goal as radical new material breakthroughs.
Khosla Ventures Investments
VC Ratings blog provides a list of 26 renewable energy startups that Vinod Khosla's - Khosla Ventures' has invested in. He is well known for his investments in biofuel related companies, but the list reveals a much broader scope.
* Cellulosic - Mascoma, Celunol, Range Fuels, 1 stealth startup
* Future Fuels - LS9, Gevo, Amyris Biotechnologies, Coskata Energy
* Efficiency - Transonic Combustion, GroupIV Semiconductor, 1 stealth startup
* Homes - Living Homes, Global Homes
* Natural Gas - Great Point Energy
* Solar - Stion, Ausra
* Tools - Nanostellar, Codon Devices, Praj
* Water - 2 stealth startup
* Plastic - Segetis, 1 stealth startup
* Corn/Sugar Fuels - Altra, Cilion, Hawaii Bio
April 5, 2007
Eco-Campaigner Calls for "Freeze on Biofuels"
London, UK [Channel 4/4Car] Biofuels are the current favoured option in the battle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow down global warming, but environmental specialists and campaigners are warning that whilst biofuels -- produced from sustainable-source crops which absorb carbon as they grow -- are not necessarily an ethically-sound alternative to fossil fuels. Award-winning writer and university professor George Monbiot has long warned of the implications of biofuel production, and ... published a new article in which he describes policy on the issue as "plain fraud" which "causes more harm than good" and is "a formula for environmental and humanitarian disaster". It's a sobering thought for those believing that ethanol and biodiesel could be guilt-free fuels.
April 5, 2007
SFNH Forms Biodiesel Energy Corp.
Aspen, Colorado [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] Security First International Holdings, Inc. (SFNH) has formed a wholly owned subsidiary called BioDiesel Energy Corporation (BEC), which will utilize high-grade feedstocks such as soy and canola oil as raw material for the production of biodiesel fuel.
April 5, 2007
Raser Gains $12.5 M for Geothermal Drilling
Provo, Utah [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] Raser Technologies, Inc. has raised $12.5 million and intends to accelerate its geothermal drilling program by securing needed equipment, supporting growth initiatives and other purposes.
April 5, 2007
Boeing Prepares Fuel Cell Demonstrator Airplane for Testing
Iraq considers utilizing solar energy for electricity
Ethanol Drives US Farmers to Plant 15% More Corn in 2007, Says Government Report
Solcellstillverkare skor sig på statligt stöd
Solceller blir allt bättre och billigare att tillverka. Men konsumentpriserna sjunker inte. Hög efterfrågan gör att tillverkarna kan öka vinstmarginalerna och tjäna storkovan
Opålitliga analyser av svenska vatten
I 25 år har svenska vattenprover noggrant samlats in och kontrollerats.Nu avslöjas att viktiga delar av analyserna är felaktiga. - Vi har upptäckt konstiga mönster, säger statisitkprofessorn Anders Grimvall.
Die Mehrkosten für Kyoto sind verkraftbar
Discovery to Start Channel Focusing on Green Movement
April 5, 2007
Discovery Communications, the cable channel operator, plans to start a 24-hour channel focused on eco-friendly living, as part of a push into the rising environmental movement.
U.N. Draft Cites Humans in Recent Climate Shifts
April 5, 2007
The latest United Nations assessment of the role of humans in global warming has found with “high confidence” that greenhouse gas emissions are at least partly responsible for a host of changes already under way, including longer growing seasons and shrinking glaciers.
Klimaschutz im Kindergarten
Am Freitag soll der zwischenstaatliche Ausschuss für Klimawandel der Uno den zweiten Teil seines Weltklimaberichts vorlegen. Die Veröffentlichung könnte platzen, weil sich vor allem die USA gegen einige Formulierungen in der Zusammenfassung sträuben.
Sundance Channel Asks: What's the Big Idea?
1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design
''Öka andelen aktier''
Det ser ljust ut för världsekonomin, varför investerare bör öka andelen aktier, skriver Credit Suisse i en färsk analys. Vissa marknader väntas dock gå bättre än andra framöver. Läs vilka.
Energihus kan ge samma
resultat som tre Kyotoavtal
I dag måndags presenterar FN:s klimatgrupp en ny rapport om hur man drastiskt kan sänka koldioxidutsläppen genom effektivare hus. Med enkla medel kan man få samma effekt som tre Kyotoavtal.

April 04, 2007

Pionjärvillan som håller värmen själv
Michael och Rebecca Malmborg flyttar snart in i sitt nybyggda passivhus, som saknar konventionell uppvärmning, i utkanten av Lidköping. Det blir den första villan i Sverige som byggs på detta sätt.
April 2, 2007
CCID Consulting Reviews China's New Energy Industry
Beijing, China [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] According to CCID Consulting, China's new energy industry has the following characteristics: China's solar water heaters market has grown from sales volume in 2005 at 14.50 million square meters (m2) and is expected to reach 30 million m2 in 2010. This is due to China's patented solar water heater technologies, its supplementary industries for solar water heaters and market mechanisms that advance the development of China's solar water heater industry. CCID Consulting believes China's wind power industry and small hydropower are receiving both attention and investment -- but that the industries of new energies such as methane have yet to be marketed and industrialized.
April 2, 2007
Could 'Artificial Photosynthesis' Lead to Renewable Solar Fuel?
Chicago, Illinois [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory are trying to design catalysts inspired by photosynthesis. The goal is to design a bio-inspired system that can produce fuels like methanol, methane, and hydrogen directly from water and carbon dioxide using renewable solar energy. Four Brookhaven chemists discussed their research on "artificial photosynthesis" last week at the 233rd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago. The Brookhaven research is funded through the DOE's Chemical Science Program (Photochemistry and Radiation Research) and Hydrogen Program, which implements the President's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, a five-year program that began in 2003 to sponsor research, development and demonstration of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
April 3, 2007
Italy/Chile Cooperate in Renewable Energy Sector
[The Santiago Times] Chile's presidential Palace La Moneda put out the red carpet this week for a quick official visit from Italy's Prime Minister Romano Prodi. During the day-long visit Prodi announced his country hoped to increase investment in Chile, especially in the renewable energy sector. ... Italy's National Energy Company (ENEL) will lead the investment into renewable energy. It announced two potential projects to produce geothermal energy in the north and south of Chile.
Photovoltaik: Hersteller versprechen sinkende Kosten
+ 04.04.2007 + Der Photovoltaikhersteller Ersol erwartet, dass die Modulkosten bis 2008 um rund 25 Prozent und bis 2010 um rund 40 Prozent sinken werden gegenüber 2006.
Blaues Gold wird immer kostbarer
+ 04.04.2007 + Kauf einheimischer Lebensmittel kann Wasserverbrauch senken helfen.
Der durchschnittliche Deutsche verbraucht täglich etwa 120 Liter Trinkwasser. Davon entfallen auf Kochen und Trinken nur rund 5 Liter. Die hohe Qualität des Trinkwassers, die in der Trinkwasserverordnung festgeschrieben ist, ist ganz selbstverständlich. Wasser in Trinkwasserqualität steht allen Bürgern jederzeit zur Verfügung.
More money on the way for geothermal power in the U.S.
March 30, 2007
Geothermal producers in the U.S. got all excited today about a tenth of a cent.
It's just an inflation adjustment in a tax credit, but multiplied across millions of kilowatt hours it becomes real money. And the industry's association forecasts a real upswing in support for geothermal just around the corner.
Watch hydro in China, says consulting company
April 2, 2007
China has begun to make a name for itself in solar manufacturing, but a leading research and consulting company hints big renewable energy opportunities in China might yet be found in hydro.
CCID Consulting, based in Hong Kong, says small hydropower systems are becoming popular.
April 04, 2007
Flexible Batteries That Never Need to Be Recharged
European researchers have built prototypes that combine plastic solar cells with ultrathin, flexible batteries. But don't throw away your battery recharger just yet.
stormblade turbine
La compagnie britannique Stormblade Turbine vient de devoiler un nouveau type d'éolienne à 3 pales, modéles plus efficaces et plus sûr.
La forme de la stormblade est celle d'un réacteur d'avion, et son constructeur évoque un rendement de 70 %. Ce qui peut sembler curieux, car la loi de Betz, prévoit qu'on ne puisse récupérer plus de 59 % de l'énergie éolienne.
La Chine mise aussi sur les micro-centrales hydauliques
Chine La Chine fait feu de tout bois, et fait preuve en matière énergétqiue d'un activisme tous azimuts.
A l'heure actuelle, deuxième pollueur au monde, le pays qui sera sans doute d'ici peu le premier, ne semble pas idéologiquement lié à quelque sorte de source d'énergie que ce soit.
En effet, elle mise aussi sur un développement fort de la micro-électricité, (150 milliards de Kwh produit en 2006 pour 50 millions de kw de capacité). Jusqu'à présent 1600 districts ont construits leur centrale.
De plus, une bonne partie du pays est sinon pas encore électrifiée, mais souffre au moins de problèmes d'approvisionnement récurrents.
Political Design, Climate Inequity, Urban Eco-Sustainable Networks and the Japanese Homeless: Some Recent Web Finds
Architecture: Green and Greener
April 3, 2007
A new report from the UN Environment Program (UNEP) released last week (downloadable here) [re]confirmed what many of us already know, but what policy-makers and giant development corporations still need to hear from places like the UN: that the building sector plays a huge role in achieving the greenhouse gas reductions necessary to effectively combat climate change.
Time for True Market Reform
April 2, 2007
The mantra of economists, central bankers, the World Bank, the IMF and others advising developing countries calls for , above all, market reform. Un-packing the jargon, they mean de-regulation, free trade, privatization, convertible currencies, export and debt-led growth and flexible labor markets – summarized as the "Washington Consensus." Today, the call for market reform is morphing into demands for reforming markets and capitalism itself.
Breaking: Automaker suit against Calif. greenhouse-gas regulations may be dismissed as early as tomorrow afternoon
03 Apr 2007
The lawsuit filed by automakers against states that have adopted California's greenhouse-gas restrictions on vehicles may be dismissed as early as tomorrow (Wed.) afternoon.
New Engine Design Increase Mileage at Low Cost
11 MW Solar Tower Plant Dedicated in Spain
(XETRA:AYO.DE) press release reveals the dedication of an 11 MW Solar Tower, the PS10, the world's first commercial solar tower power plant. Solucar, an Abengoa company, constructed the plant in the municipality of Sanlucar la Mayor (Seville),which will be operated by Abengoa.
Update on The Green and Gold SolarCube
Green and Gold Energy of Australia just released this picture of their Sun Cube rooftop concentrating solar photovoltaic module. Shown left: 600 kWh/year SunCube Mark 5 Solar Appliance™ with toughened glass lenses, internal 2 axis tracking motors / grid connect inverter.
Retail cost of the AC SunCube = AU$1,500 inc GST at 10%. Cost in the US is expected to be US $1,000
Sky-Scraping Solar Tower Proposed for Texas
Palm oil: the biofuel of the future driving an ecological disaster now
Planning curbs on domestic green energy may be eased
· Kelly says local action must match global efforts
· Permission may not be needed for many schemes
Solarfirmen kassieren Milliarden - auf Kosten der Verbraucher
Gerade einmal ein halbes Prozent - das ist der Anteil der Sonnenenergie an der deutschen Stromproduktion. Trotzdem fahren die Solarkonzerne horrende Gewinne ein, die Zeche zahlen die Verbraucher. Das belegt eine Studie aus der Branche, die SPIEGEL ONLINE vorliegt.
Justices Say E.P.A. Has Power to Act on Harmful Gases
Amerikansk vindmølleboom vil hjælpe Vestas
Reports From Four Fronts in the War on Warming
Global Winners and Losers
Better Thinking Magazine
First ever solar energy power tower in Spain?
Photovoltaic solar energy: new map and interactive information
Main Source: European Commission Press Releases
A new map published by the European Commission shows the photovoltaic solar energy potential of different parts of Europe. Photovoltaic Solar Cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. In addition the interactive on-line Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS), developed by the Commission's in-house scientific service, DG Joint Research Centre, allows users to estimate solar energy performance at any given location in Europe.
China joins wind turbine business
But lack of engineers could hurt supply
Himalayas glaciärer smälter
Andra delen av FN:s klimatrapport: ”Det rör sig om en möjlig katastrofal utveckling”
Temperaturhöjning i Australien
Hela Sydney släcktes ner i går för att uppmärksamma klimatförändringen.
  Samtidigt kommer larmrapporter om att temperaturen i Australien kommer att stiga med 6,7 grader.
UN says 'architects can save the world'
"Buildings can play a key role in combating climate change," says the U.N. So wow, architects are cooler then Al Gore.
Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms
April 1, 2007
The world’s richest countries, which have contributed by far the most to the atmospheric changes linked to global warming, are already spending billions of dollars to limit their own risks from its worst consequences, like drought and rising seas.

March 31, 2007

Vestas-opkøb kun et spørgsmål om tid
Vindkraftsmässor 2007

EWEC 2007

All Energy 2007

Windpower 2007

Wind Power Asia 2007


20th World / Energy Congress

European Offshore Wind / Conference & Exhibition
Bidding war now blowing in windy Europe
BAFIN: Bundesanstalt
für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
Aktiengesellschaft: REpower Systems AG (Hamburg)
070330, 16:45
Koncentrerad solenergi
ger Spanien ström

Idag invigs Europas första kommersiella kraftverk med koncentrerad solenergi. Några mil väster om Sevilla i södra Spanien sätts 600 flyttbara speglar upp som fångar solljus för elproduktion.

March 30, 2007

Solar Installations up 33% in US in 2006, 41% in World, Solar Capacity only Utilized 62%
Europe Is Gone With The Wind
LONDON - You might things the sun worshiper's paradise of Southern Europe is a haven of solar power, but these days, it appears the sun there is being upstaged by wind.
Weil satsar på vindkraft
Finansmannen Robert Weils bolag Proventus och kraftföretaget O2-gruppen startar det samägda bolaget O2 Produktion. Ambitionen är att bli en ledande kraftproducent inom förnyelsebar energi, skriver de i ett pressmeddelande.
Gore kritiserar Bush
Världen skulle ha varit dramatiskt annorlunda i dag om USA godkänt Kyotoprotokollet om växthusgaser. Det säger Al Gore, miljöprofeten och förre presidentkandidaten, i en intervju med DN.
Ny insprutning löser Scanias etanolproblem
Scania lägger just nu sista handen vid den tredje generationens etanolmotor för tunga fordon. Den ska klara utsläppsgränserna i Euro 5 och komma till rätta med de tidigare motorgenerationernas problem.
”The One Big Thing”
UPPDATERAD Den 19:e april presenterar USA:s Sverige-ambassadör sin kampanj ”The One Big Thing” för amerikanska riskkapitalister. Tanken är att de ska köpa juvelerna i svensk miljöteknik – vilket kan innebära miljardbelopp för bolagen. Läs kampanjens ”white paper” här.
070329, 13:47
Morphic plockar poäng på billiga bränsleplattor
Karlskogaföretaget Morphic Technologies har fått ännu en testorder på flödesplattor till bränslecellsbatterier. Morphics teknik att forma mönstret i stålplattorna är unikt och producerar plattor till en tiondel av normal kostnad.
Scientists have discovered that an obscure type of bacteria can turn maple syrup into natural polymers that can be used to make biogradable plastic-like materials.
ProClim- Forum for Climate and Global Change
Portugal's Takeover of U.S. Wind Energy Giant an Opportunity for GE
Oil, oil everywhere: the facts on US oil consumption
March 29, 2007
80-MW PV Cell Production Facility Planned for Germany
Waterloo Region, Ontario [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] ARISE Technologies Corporation's wholly owned German subsidiary, ARISE Technologies Deutschland GmbH, entered into an equipment supply contract with OTB Solar B.V. of the Netherlands, in which OTB will design, deliver and commission manufacturing and handling equipment for the initial production line of ARISE's planned 80-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) cell production facility in Bischofswerda, Germany. OTB will also provide training services to ARISE employees in the commissioning of this facility.
Solar IPO pulled
March 29, 2007
A solar IPO that was to price this week died on the vine. But more than $200m still changed hands this week in cleantech dealflow.
HP vil reducere sit globale energiforbrug med 20 pct.
CO2 besparelser - men hvordan?
Torsdag den 29. marts 2007
Der er bred opbakning til, at Danmark - en af verdens største CO2-udledere - skal begrænse forbruget. Men
The Incredible Shrinking Engine
A new engine design could significantly improve fuel efficiency for cars and SUVs, at a fraction of the cost of today's hybrid technology.
March/April 2007
Hell and Hydrogen
No matter how well they're engineered, hydrogen cars offer no real answer to the imminent threats posed by global warming.
Bush, Auto CEOs Meet on Alternative-Fuel Access
U.S., Service Stations Need To Pitch In, Executives Say
Washington Post
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Detroit's automakers yesterday urged President Bush to help improve consumer access to ethanol and biodiesel fuels in an effort to reduce the nation's consumption of gasoline.
LM Glasfiber opens R&D Centre in India
Mistaya releases Windographer 1.1
Mistaya Engineering Inc. has announced a major update to its wind data analysis software Windographer.
Vestas receives 145MW order in the USA
Strategic Consumption: How to Change the World with What You Buy

March 29, 2007

Zero carbon cars are the future, says transport secretary
Castro warns poor will starve for greener fuel
Water Outta Thick Air: The Whisson Windmill
03.29.07 Yep, it is another one of those wacky inventions that will send droves to the comments section to decree it is doomed to failure
Building Green: Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics From The Same Materials (Part 9)
Absent "Blue Skies," Beijing's Air Now Officially "Hazy"
Habitats and cultures everywhere react to climate's rapid changes
Ny fond inom förnybar energi
På fredagen startar fondbolaget Gustavia sin nya fond Gustavia Blue Engine. En fond som enligt fövaltaren är Sveriges första inom förnybar energi.
"Det finns en enormt stark drivkraft inom denna sektor, främst i USA och i Europa", säger Henrik Malmsten, fondförvaltare för Gustavia Blue Engine, i ett pressmeddelande.
Stock Exchange of Visions
10 green giants
These companies have gone beyond what the law requires to operate in an environmentally responsible way.
Invest in Conservation, Save Energy. Watch Your Bills Go Up.
Ethical Consumer magazine publishes buyer's guides designed to help you find the products which best fit with your own values.
Read the truth about the social and environmental records of the companies behind the brands you buy
Learn about alternative products and support smaller, more ethical companies

March 27, 2007

The Sexy Green Car Show
If we want to save the planet, we need a five-year freeze on biofuels
Oil produced from plants sets up competition for food between cars and people. People - and the environment - will lose
Tuesday March 27, 2007
Windenergie: Windturbinen-Hersteller Nordex wächst und macht Gewinn
EDP to acquire US' Horizon Wind Energy for about 2.15 bln usd UPDATE
LISBON (AFX) - EDP Energias de Portugal said it has signed an agreement to fully acquire Horizon Wind energy LLC from Goldman Sachs Group Inc (nyse: GS - news - people ), in a deal valuing the US wind farm group's equity at 2.150 bln usd.
Off- and Nearshore Wind Energy
 Some planned projects
EU-Klimaschutzziele kosten mindestens 800 Milliarden Euro
Mega-Aufwand für den Klimaschutz: Die vor wenigen Tagen beschlossenen Ökoziele der EU könnten einer Studie zufolge immense Kosten verursachen. Die Unternehmensberater von McKinsey rechnen mit mindestens 800 Milliarden Euro bis zum Jahr 2020.
dvGreen's mission is to design sustainable events without sacrificing style.  We show our clients that they can reduce their ecological footprint while still throwing a beautiful, amazing, fabulous party – one that just happens to be Green. By featuring organic food, flowers, and table linens; tree-free paper invitations; donating or composting leftover food; purchasing carbon offsets, and more, we can make many "behind the scenes" decisions that maintain the quality of the event while reducing the overall impact on the environment
Kohlendioxid-Ausstoß in Deutschland nach Quellen
Hamburg - In Deutschland hat der Ausstoß an Kohlendioxid (CO2) seit 1990 deutlich abgenommen. Der Großteil dieser Abnahme entstand durch den Umbau der Industrie, der Verkehr dagegen hat deutlich zugelegt. Insgesamt ging der Ausstoß bis 2004 um 14,2 Prozent zurück. Nimmt man die anderen Treibhausgase wie Methan oder Distickstoffoxid hinzu, war die Einsparung noch größer. Das Umweltbundesamt hat die CO2-Quellen aufgeschlüsselt:
Satsar 6 miljarder på vind i skog
Nu ska det snurra bland tallar och granar i skogen. Företaget Stena Renewable Energy satsar sex miljarder kronor på landbaserad vindkraft i ett samarbete med Skogssällskapet.

March 26, 2007

Israeli Discovery Converts Radioactive Waste into Safe Inert Vitrified "Rock" and Clean Energy
Using a system called plasma gasification melting technology (PGM) developed by scientists from Russia's Kurchatov Institute research center, the Radon Institute in Russia, and Israel's Technion Institute - EER combines high temperatures and low-radioactive energy to transform waste into vitrified slag and syngas which is used to make electricity.
Deep Economy: Localism, Innovation and Knowing What's What
Deutschland will bis 2013 zum Mond – die OHB Technology AG liefert die Technik dazu.
Die Erdwärme wird bereits angezapft, Raps in Treibstoff umgewandelt und Strom aus Müll und Biomasse gewonnen. Jetzt denken Experten noch weiter. Viel weiter: 385.000 Kilometer entfernt von der Erde, auf dem Mond, würde eine nur einen Quadratkilometer große Solarzellenanlage so viel Energie wie ein Kernkraftwerk generieren. Diese könnte dann per Laser zu uns geschickt werden. Aber auch der Abbau von Helium 3 für den Betrieb von Kernkraftwerken ist eine der Visionen, die einen neuen Wettlauf zum Mond ausgelöst hat.
Hybrid Big-Rigs To Green Wal-Mart's Supply Chain
Edwards Touts His Energy Efficient Home
March 20, 2007
Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Tuesday defended the construction of a sprawling, 28,000-square-foot house in North Carolina, arguing that his home is a model of energy efficiency.
March 23, 2007
We Need to Think Big to Reduce Carbon Dioxide
MIT scientists call on the U.S. government to spend half a billion dollars on projects to capture carbon dioxide from coal. Why think so small?
NAI - Der Natur-Aktien-Index
Der Natur-Aktien-Index (NAI) umfasst 
30 internationale Unternehmen, die nach besonders konsequenten Maßstäben als erfolgreiche Öko-Vorreiter ausgewählt werden. Der seit 1997 bestehende Index gilt als Orientierung für "grüne Geldanlagen".
10 Jahre Natur-Aktien-Index (NAI)
+ 26.03.2007 + Seit 1.4.1997 beweist der NAI: Ökologisches Engagement lohnt sich an der Börse.
Am Anfang stand die Frage: Wie wird Umweltschutz an der Börse bewertet? Enwickelt sich der Aktienwert von Unternehmen, die besonders umweltfreundlich wirtschaften, besser oder schlechter als konventionelle Firmen im DAX oder Dow Jones? Jetzt, zehn Jahre nach der Gründung des Natur-Aktien-Index (NAI), ist die Frage eindeutig beantwortet: Umweltschutz lohnt sich auch an der Börse.
Kann Europas Form des Emissionshandels das Weltklima schützen?
Die 27 EU-Mitgliedsländer wollen ihre Emissionen des Treibhausgases CO2 radikal reduzieren und so zum Vorreiter für den weltweiten Klimaschutz werden. Dies beschlossen sie auf dem EU-Gipfel Mitte März. Doch ein Eckpfeiler ihrer Politik ist umstritten: der Handel mit CO2-Zertifikaten.
March 26, 2007
Dispatchable Wind turbine System
Attleboro, MA - General Compression, Inc., the pioneer of dispatchable wind power, has successfully closed an initial round of funding for over $5,000,000. These funds will be used to accelerate the development of General Compression's revolutionary dispatchable wind technology.
March 23 200
The Governator's green agenda
When Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor in 2003, the environment was not high on his agenda. Now it is. That matters, because where California goes, the rest of the country just may follow. Fortune's Nina Easton reports.
o2 connects people interested in sustainable design.
How To Save The Dead Sea From Dying Twice
The exhibition Sustainable London, Addressing Climate Change in the Capital, is a show that is a primer on how climate change is being tackled through planning and in new developments across London. The 61 different case studies on display display the real progress that is being made towards the creation of a sustainable 21st Century city
Sea Sponge Soaks up Sunlight
Last week, we wrote a post about biomimicry, which is the process of taking qualities from living organisms and using them in design. We thought we would bring you news of a good example, courtesy of the humble sea sponge, which could lead to a more efficient method of making solar cells.
World's First Building-Integrated Wind Turbines
Clean Green Cars' aim is simple: to provide clear, easily understood advice about choosing and using cars in a more environmentally considerate way. Our goal is to advise which cars are the best of their type, whether that is a small hatchback or something that can carry seven people. Small diesel hatchbacks or hybrids do not suit everyone - if you need an off-roader, that is your business, not ours. But some of these vehicles are greener than others, and we'll tell you which.
Gruvbolag satsar på vindkraft
Gruvbolaget Lappland Goldminers har planer på att klara sitt energibehov vid gruvan i Fäboliden med hjälp av vindkraft.

March 24, 2007

Flexible see-through battery power
March 22, 2007 All is no longer as it seems – the clear flexible plastic in the image is a battery – it is a polymer based rechargeable battery made by Japanese scientists. Drs Hiroyuki Nishide, Hiroaki Konishi and Takeo Suga at Waseda University have designed the battery – which consists of a redox-active organic polymer film around 200 nanometres thick. Nitroxide radical groups are attached, which act as charge carrier
NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Index Components (CLEN & CELS)
Go West
Auch wenn die Sonne eigentlich im Westen untergeht, sorgt jetzt die US-Regierung für aufgehende Börsenkurse bei Solartiteln in Amerika.
March 23, 2007
ersol Secures Additional Silicon from Wacker Chemie
Erfurt, Germany [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] ersol Solar Energy AG signed a contract with the German company Wacker Chemie AG for delivery of polysilicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. This contract will apply from 2009 onward and will enable ersol to generate an additional production output of about 300 megawatt-hours peak (MWp) of crystalline solar cells over nine years to achieve additional production output of around 300 MWp.
March 23, 2007
Italy Introduces Solar Feed-In Tariff
Utrecht, The Netherlands [GreenPrices] Last February, the Italian Ministry for Industry passed a law for a new feed-in-tariff for small photovoltaic installations. The new 'Decreto' guarantees a feed-in tariff for PV-installations larger than 1 kilowatt. ... For installations larger than 3 kW, the tariff is about 5% less. From 2009, the tariff annually decreases by 2%, and it will end by 2020. The maximum power to be installed is 3,000 MW by 2016
The Carbon Trust helps business
and the public sector cut carbon emissions, and supports the development of low carbon technologies.
Food System Factoids
Quick facts that relate to the converging issues surrounding agriculture, food, nutrition, health, education, economic development, and climate change.
March 23, 2007
Sandia helps develop new wind turbine blade design A new wind turbine blade design that researchers at Sandia National Laboratories developed in partnership with Knight & Carver (K&C) of San Diego promises to be more efficient than current designs. It should significantly reduce the cost-of-energy (COE) of wind turbines at low-wind-speed sites.
March 23, 2007
Novozymes Introduces Five-Step Strategy to Achieve Economically Viable Cellulosic Ethanol
1. Continued funding of research and development
2. Establishment of flexible configuration testing and development centers
3. Scientific advancement to increase cost efficiency
4. Scientific advancement in biotechnology
5. Continued bi-partisan support
Alternative Fuels&Vehicles 07
One-stop shopping for fleets featuring alternative fuels, vehicles and advanced transportation technologies.
With an expected 1,500 attendees and 100 exhibitors, this is the largest alternative fuel and vehicle technology gathering in the world.
Off the Grid: Modern Homes + Alternative Energy
“ten beautiful homes in regions as diverse as New York City, urban Germany, suburban Southern California, rural Canada, and the remote ‘bush’ of Australia,…(and) shows you how to take responsibility for your future choices and conveniences by living in a beautifully designed home that uses much less energy. Off-the-grid living is a concept that can be easily understood and adopted by everyone, regardless of where you live or how much money you make.”

March 23, 2007

INSABA: Building Renewable Energy Potential in Africa
Integrated Southern African Business Advisory (INSABA) is taking a regional approach to building renewable capacity
Building a Green China
Despite some greenish glimmers, the world’s biggest construction site remains stuck in shoddy materials, hunger for land development and aging ideas about design. While it contributes 15 percent of the world's GDP, China consumes 30 percent of the earth's steel and half its concrete. On top of which, buildings in China consume a third of the country's increasingly endangered water supplies
Miljöbil här - miljöbov där
Reglerna varierar mycket mellan kommunerna, staten och Vägverket 
El, biogas, alkohol, diesel eller bensin - reglerna för vad som är en miljöbil skiljer sig från stad till stad.Ny Teknik reder ut dagsläget.
Intresset för lågenergilampor är större än någonsin och det svenska företaget Lightlabs kvicksilver- och blyfria teknik är högintressant. Lampan har nu visats upp för första gången, men lanseringen dröjer ytterligare ett par år.
Congress Asks Purdue for Fusion Claim Findings
March 23, 2007
A Congressional committee has asked Purdue University for copies of its findings in an investigation of a Purdue scientist who claims to have generated nuclear fusion in a desktop experiment.
Gamesas møller falder fra hinanden
Danske Vestas er ikke det eneste selskab, der har knas med komponenterne. I en vindmøllepark i Pennsylvania er vingerne på en række Gamesa-møller begyndt at falde fra hinanden.
OKQ8 kan få ny biodiesel i sommar
I största hemlighet ligger OKQ8 just nu i slutförhandlingar för att köpa andra generationens biodiesel från finska Neste. Leveranserna till den svenska marknaden kan börja i sommar.
Repower willing to be bought by Areva or Suzlon; suggests joint approach
March 21, 2007
Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Cells
A new type of material could allow solar cells to harvest far more light.
The Ethanol Pact
The United States and Brazil, who account for more than 70 percent of global ethanol production, were able to finalize their "ethanol pact" yesterday in hope to increase energy security. The agreement entails:
- Cooperation in research and development of "next-generation" biofuel technologies such as cellulosic ethanol.
- Cooperation in stimulating the expansion of biofuels in third world countries. The strategy will begin with Central America and the Caribeean
- Creating an OPEC-like global biofuels market by incorporating technical rules and regulations. The US and Brazil will propose this in the International Biofuel Forum, in which India, China, South Africa and the European Union will be present.
Brazil's Ethanol Pact With Indonesia
A week after signing an ethanol pact with the U.S., Brazil signed a similar agreement with Indonesia in hope of catalyzing ethanol production.
ENMAX purchases position in NaiKun Wind Energy Group
22 March 2007
Michael C. Burns, Chairman of NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc. has announced that NaiKun has entered into an agreement with ENMAX Corporation to invest in NaiKun and to work together with the company in several strategic areas of the company's development of the 320MW Phase 1 wind energy project in the Hecate Strait.
Vestas to establish blade factory in Colorado, USA
20 March 2007
Vestas has decided to establish a blade production facility in the USA as a result of the continuous progress of wind power in the American market.
March 22, 2007
Air Products and Fuel Cell Energy Building Efficient Hydrogen Generating Station
Air Products (NYSE: APD), and FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NasdaqNM: FCEL), have commenced construction on an advanced hydrogen energy demonstration station designed to address industrial and transportation applications.  The station, funded in part by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), is to demonstrate a tri-generating green energy system capable of providing low-cost hydrogen, electric power and heat from one integrated unit.
March 21, 2007
Bush seeks to scrap current ethanol standard
Reuters, March 20, 2007 -- The Bush administration has proposed scrapping the current U.S. renewable fuels standard that requires ethanol  ...
Crops feel the heat as the world warms
Over a span of two decades, warming temperatures have caused annual losses of roughly $5 billion for major food crops, according to a new study by researchers at the Carnegie Institution and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
March 21, 2007
Surging corn prices tighten ethanol financing
As the main ingredient for ethanol rises to $4 per bushel and oil prices dip, many are concerned about an industry shake-out.
March 21, 2007
Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Cells
A new type of material could allow solar cells to harvest far more light.
According to StarSolar's website, the biggest problem facing solar power today is the high cost of solar electricity compared to conventional sources.
Centrosolar mit sonniger Gewinnprognose
Überraschend hohe Umsatz- und Gewinnprognosen ließen die Centrosolar-Aktie spürbar klettern. Erreicht der Konzern seine Ziele, dürfte der Kurs in diesem Jahr rasant steigen.
We should be looking at energy alternatives to oil
March 19 2007
The president's pact with Brazil for ethanol is a move in the right direction. Staying the course of depending upon foreign oil from countries that hate us or want to kill us has been wrong. If you need a direction for finger pointing, then turn that finger around. It's our fault, America's fault.
March 19, 2007
Head Starts for Clean-Tech Startups
The latest take on traditional business plan competitions aims to turn ideas for decreasing the use of fossil fuels into working businesses
Clean Tech Competition Winners
They took home the prizes. Now they're transforming their winning technology ideas for decreasing the use of fossil fuels into working businesses
March 19, 2007
GE Accelerates Solar Energy Research
General Electric Company is accelerating its solar energy research program with the help of an $8.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy as part of President Bush's Solar America Initiative.
EU trying to solve renewable-energy 'headache' 
21 March 2007
Officials said that the Commission was still unsure about how it will share the burden among member states, after EU leaders agreed earlier in March to have 20% of their overall energy needs covered by renewables by 2020.

March 21, 2007

Wind Power Is Spain's Top Energy Source This Week
Material Shows Weakening of Climate Reports
WASHINGTON, March 19 — A House committee released documents Monday that showed hundreds of instances in which a White House official who was previously an oil industry lobbyist edited government climate reports to play up uncertainty of a human role in global warming or play down evidence of such a role.
Gore Warns Congress of ‘Planetary Emergency’
March 21, 2007
Former Vice President Al Gore, rejecting complaints by Republican lawmakers that he was waging an alarmist war on coal and oil use, insisted before Congressional panels today that human-caused global warming constitutes a “planetary emergency” requiring an aggressive federal response.
Bosch Rexroth profitiert von Windenergie
Gut gefüllte Auftragsbücher. Der Antriebs- und Steuerungsspezialist Bosch Rexroth blickt optimistisch in das laufende Geschäftsjahr. Der Auftragseingang habe im Januar um 29 Prozent über dem schon sehr guten Vorjahresniveau gelegen, sagte der Vorstandsvorsitzende der Bosch Rexroth AG, Manfred Grundke.
Nordex expandiert profitabel - Umsatz plus 66 Prozent / 16,6 Mio. Euro EBIT
Hamburg (iwr-pressedienst) - Nach seinem vorläufigen Jahresabschluss für das Geschäftsjahr 2006 hat der im regenerativen Aktienindex RENIXX gelistete Nordex Konzern seinen Umsatz um 66 Prozent auf 514 Mio. Euro erhöht (Vorjahr 309 Mio. Euro). Die Gesamtleistung stieg sogar um 73 Prozent auf 552 Mio. Euro (Vorjahr: 319 Mio. Euro). Damit ist das Unternehmen nach eigenen Angaben das zweite Jahr in Folge schneller gewachsen als der Markt. Der weltweite Absatz für Windturbinen habe sich im gleichen Zeitraum „nur“ um 33 Prozent erhöht. Noch stärker war die Entwicklung im Neugeschäft des Nordex Konzerns. Der Auftragseingang hat sich im Jahr 2006 auf 767 Mio. Euro verdoppelt (Vorjahr: 395 Mio. Euro). Diese Entwicklung war in erster Linie von der hohen Auslandsnachfrage beeinflusst. Der Auslandsanteil stieg von 62 auf 86 Prozent. Der Bestand fester und bedingter Aufträge erhöhte sich zum Bilanzstichtag auf rund 1,2 Mrd. Euro. Die Auftragsreichweite lag damit bei etwa 15 Monaten.
Oppenheim Espresso: Nordex strotzt vor Optimismus
Wie an der Schnur gezogen ging es mit der Nordex-Aktie zuletzt nach oben. Das Börsenjahr 2006 schloss der Tec-DAX-Titel mit einer Performance von mehr als 170% als Spitzenreiter ab. Auch im laufenden Jahr liegt der Windkraftspezialist mit einem Plus von 82% vorne.
Zentrum für Solarzellenforschung entsteht in Halle
dpa-Meldung, 20.03.2007 (16:17)
Magdeburg/Halle - In Halle entsteht ein weltweit einmaliges Zentrum für Solarzellenforschung. In dem neuen Zentrum für Silicium-Photovoltaik sollen mindestens 60 Arbeitsplätze geschaffen werden, teilte Wirtschaftsminister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) am Dienstag in Magdeburg mit. Die Einrichtung soll nach einer noch ausstehenden Zustimmung seitens der EU noch in diesem Jahr die Arbeit aufnehmen. Sie wird von der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft getragen und soll im Jahr 2010 voll funktionstüchtig sein. Die Kosten für die Errichtung des Instituts betragen 60 Millionen Euro, 75 Prozent kommen von der EU. Der Rest wird zu gleichen Teilen von der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft und vom Bund getragen.
Biodiesel from Algae and the Biofuels Discussion in Argentina
An Argentine company called Oil Fox announced recently that they would produce biodiesel from algae oil for commercial use.
Vestas vände 
till vinst
"Vestas ska ned"
Vestas vänder till vinst och hamnar något över sin egen prognos. Lyftet var väntat men aktien åkte jojo på tisdagens börs. Chevreux analytiker spår en dyster framtid för aktien.
Riskkapitalets nästa byte
Riskkapitalisterna laddar nu upp för tunga investeringar i energi- och miljöteknikbolag. Branschbedömare spår en kraftig tillväxt de kommande åren.
Energi- och miljöteknik är ännu jungfrulig mark för de flesta riskkapitalister. 2005 svarade energi bara för 0,02 procent av de totala svenska riskkapitalinvesteringarna om 40,4 miljarder kronor, enligt Svenska riskkapitalföreningen.
Ljumma vindar
20 mars 2007
Vindkraft är hett. Men lönsamheten är fortfarande låg såväl hos tillverkare som elproducenter. I Sverige har Eon skrinlagt ett av de största projekten trots 70 miljoner i speciellt stöd. Vattenfalls ännu större vindkraftspark i Öresund har överklagats ännu en gång när torn och propellrar blir större
Grön våg på Manhattan
20 mars 2007
Hälsokostbutiker är ju inget nytt och organiska livsmedelskedjor som Whole Foods har vuxit explosionsartat i USA. Det nya är att butiker som Organic Avenue – och märken som Novacas (inga kor, på spanska) och Eko Logic – tar stora steg bort från den foträta kruskaimagen och erbjuder varor som tilltalar både smak och moral.
På ganska kort tid har ”grön ekonomi” dykt upp på allvar i-specialer på näringslivssidor och i tv:s ekonomiprogram. Många amerikanska städer klubbar lagar som föreskriver en mer strikt energianvändning och mindre slöseri vid byggen.
Förkortningen LEED för Leadership energy and environmental design, som skapades för några år sedan av Green Building Council, tillämpas numera som ledstjärna i stadshus och av byggherrar.
Vindkraftsproduktion i Sverige
Statistik och grafer
Vindkraft i världen
Total installerad vindeffekt i MW (1 MW = 1000 kW)
1.Tyskland 20 622 
2.Spanien 11 615 
3.USA 11 603 
4.Indien 6 270 
5.Danmark 3 136 
6.Kina 2 604 
7.Italien 2 123 
8.Storbritanninien 1 963 
9.Portugal 1 716 
10.Frankrike 1 567 
18.Sverige 572 
Källa: Global wind energy council 2007
Medvind för vindkraften
Höjda oljepriser och ett medvetenhet om det växande klimathotet får efterfrågan på vindkraftsanläggningar att skjuta i höjden. Danska Vestas, världens största tillverkare av vindkraftverk med en knapp tredjedel av världsmarknaden, har aldrig gått bättre.

March 20, 2007

Vestas med positivt årsregnskab - S&P
Årsregnskabet fra den danske vindmøllekoncern Vestas var på linie med forventningerne. Det konstaterer analytiker Torben Sommer fra Standard & Poor's Equity Research, der dog gerne ville høre noget mere om koncernens komponentproblemer.
- Regnskabet var som ventet. Vestas har et fornemt cashflow, og selskabet er kommet godt ud af 2006 til trods for den hektiske start. Forventningerne er positive, men de vil stadig ikke svare på uddybende nok på, hvordan de vil løse komponentproblemerne, siger Torben Sommer til RB-Børsen.
Eco group warns of freshwater crisis
Tuesday March 20, 2007
Some of the world's largest and best-known rivers are at risk of drying up as a result of climate change, pollution and bad planning, a report warned today.

March 19, 2007

070319, 15:08
Finsk skogsdiesel blir ny supersoppa
Det finsk-svenska skogsbolaget Stora Enso och det finländska raffinaderiet Neste Oil satsar gemensamt på syntetdiesel från förgasat skogsavfall. Den finska syntetdieseln kan blandas in direkt i vanlig diesel utan ombyggnad av vare sig bilar eller tankställen.
CO2-Emissionen müssen drastisch sinken
Zu schwer, zu schnell, zu viel: Der Verkehr steht im Zentrum des noch unveröffentlichten dritten Teilberichts der Uno zum Klimawandel. Experten erklären darin, wie und warum der CO2-Ausstoß bei Autos, Flugzeugen und Schiffen radikal sinken muss.

March 18, 2007

Investors to press Congress on warming
Sat Mar 17, 2007
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Joining a rising corporate chorus itching to sink money into clean energy projects, big investors will press the U.S. Congress on Monday to pass laws attempting to tackle global warming
SolarMission Technologies (OTC: EVOMY.PK,  ASX: EVM.AX) and its Australian subsidiary, EnviroMission Limited produced this 5 minute video about its early pilot plant in Spain. It is an older video (2000) but gives a basic understanding of the solar tower concept. The designs have changed and technologies added, but it gives an introduction to the solar tower concept.
Ökostrom aus der Konserve
Die Launen der Natur machen eine sichere Stromversorgung mit Wind- und Sonnenkraft nur schwer planbar. Mit neuen Methoden, Ökostrom zu speichern, kommen Ingenieure einer Zukunft mit weniger Kohlendioxid-Emissionen immer näher

March 16, 2007

Übernahmeschlacht um REpower: Suzlon erwägt Anhebung der Offerte auf 160 Euro pro Aktie
Green Energy Enthusiasts Are Also Betting on Fossil Fuels
March 16, 2007
Silicon Valley’s technology investors have taken to the ramparts, threatening to tear down the oil and gas industries’ dominance with innovations that use ethanol, solar and wind.
March 15, 2007
Geologists Troubleshoot Silica Problem at Geothermal Plants
In the debate over [renewable] energy resources, geothermal technology has received scant media attention. Advocates call it one of the cleanest, sustainable energy resources available. However, steep construction, equipment and drilling costs have prevented more widespread development of geothermal technology. An Ohio University hydrothermal systems expert is working to change that.
March 16, 2007
Dutch Offshore Wind Project Sets Financing Precedent
The Q7 wind farm financing structure includes features that lower the risks associated with construction of wind turbines in the North Sea.
Fueling the Ethanol Trade
U.S.-Brazil ethanol production pact could set back new technologies.
GSPI Consortium to Construct Two 'Algae-to-Biodiesel' Facilities
March 16, 2007
Green Star Products, Inc. announced recently that its Consortium of independent companies will begin construction of two demonstration "algae-to-biodiesel" production facilities in the U.S. and abroad
A busy week for Canadian cleantech firms
* CO2 Solutions announced that partner Babcock & Wilcox has acquired an exclusive North American option to license the Quebec City-based company's CO2-capture technology, which is based on a novel enzyme process.
* Fuel-cell developer Plug Power Inc. has agreed to acquire Richmond, B.C.-based Cellex Power Products Inc. for $45 million (U.S.), part of an effort by Plug Power to round out its product offerings.
* Xantrex Technology Inc. has formed a joint venture with Shanghai Power Transmission & Distribution Co. Ltd., a member of the massive Shanghai Electric Group. The venture, 49 per cent owned by Xantrex, will "design, manufacture and sell solar and wind power electronics products exclusively for the renewable energy market in China from a facility to be built in Shanghai, China."
* Vancouver-based Finavera Renewables Inc. announced that SAIC will be its systems integration partner for future "ocean energy conversion programs." According to a statement, "SAIC will work with Finavera to develop, integrate, procure, install and test ocean energy conversion devices, including the patented 'AquaBuOY' in marine renewable energy parks."
Mar 15, 1:16 PM EDT
Could Crazy Technology Save the Planet?
There's the man-made "volcano" that shoots gigatons of sulfur high into the air. The space "sun shade" made of trillions of little reflectors between Earth and sun, slightly lowering the planet's temperature. The forest of ugly artificial "trees" that suck carbon dioxide out of the air. And the "Geritol solution" in which iron dust is dumped into the ocean.
"Of course it's desperation," said Stanford University professor Stephen Schneider. "It's planetary methadone for our planetary heroin addiction. It does come out of the pessimism of any realist that says this planet can't be trusted to do the right thing."
NASA is putting the finishing touches on a report summing up some of these ideas and has spent $75,000 to map out rough details of the sun shade concept. One of the premier climate modeling centers in the United States, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, has spent the last six weeks running computer simulations of the man-made volcano scenario and will soon turn its attention to the space umbrella idea.
Wal-Mart to grade "sustainability" of electronics kit
Mexique : la crise s'aggrave
Entre les Usa et le Mexique, la crise s'aggrave. Elle porte le nom de maïs, distillé aux Usa pour produire des biocarburants, elle prive ses habitants de la tortilla, base de la nourriture nationale.
Biocarburants en Europe ? pas le plus urgent !
Nos gouvernements cogitent, et vont se mettre aussi à penser (dans un cadre national ) aux économies d'énergie. Notamment les biocarburants. Manque de bol, pour le moment, la canne à sucre, en France, ça ne pousse pas tellement.
The Future of Coal
March 14, 2007
The Precarious Future of Coal
A new MIT report says that much more effort is needed to develop and test technology that will make clean-coal power plants economical and practical.
Zhejiang Windey Wind Generating Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in design, manufacture and selling of synchronized wind turbines generating system, and engaged in technical consultation about plan, feasibility research and design of wind farms
Vindkraft tappar mark utan nya subventioner
Den kraftiga utbyggnaden av svensk vindkraft kommer att stanna av. Det tidigare uppsatta målet om en elproduktion från vindkraft på 10 TWh år 2015 kommer inte att nås när effekten av energicertifikaten klingar ut.

March 15, 2007

Push to Fix Ozone Layer and Slow Global Warming
March 15, 2007
HONG KONG, March 14 — An unusual coalition of industrial and developing countries began pushing Wednesday for stringent limits on the world’s most popular refrigerant for air-conditioners, as evidence mounts that the refrigerant harms the earth’s ozone layer and contributes to global warming.
Lagligt konvertera bilar
till etanoldrift
Gamesa løber med stor italiensk ordre
Vestas-konkurrenten Gamesa har fået en stor italiensk ordre til en samlet værdi af 205 mio. euro (ca. 1529 mio. kr.). Gamesa skal i alt levere 136 vindmøller til det italienske selskab Veronagest.