April 05, 2007

April 5, 2007
Eco-Campaigner Calls for "Freeze on Biofuels"
London, UK [Channel 4/4Car] Biofuels are the current favoured option in the battle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow down global warming, but environmental specialists and campaigners are warning that whilst biofuels -- produced from sustainable-source crops which absorb carbon as they grow -- are not necessarily an ethically-sound alternative to fossil fuels. Award-winning writer and university professor George Monbiot has long warned of the implications of biofuel production, and ... published a new article in which he describes policy on the issue as "plain fraud" which "causes more harm than good" and is "a formula for environmental and humanitarian disaster". It's a sobering thought for those believing that ethanol and biodiesel could be guilt-free fuels.