August 19, 2006

Vestas RRB will invest Rs 14000 mn to set-up wind farms

2006-08-19 13:45
Vestas RRB has been spreading and expanding its business at a rapid rate. The Company today announced that they would be investing about Rs. 5000 million to set-up Wind farms in Maharashtra. At the outset, they have acquired more than 1200 acres of land in Dhule district, Maharashtra and infrastructure development for more than 100 MW capacity installations would commence with effect from current fiscal year. The company has also acquired land in Sourashtra and Kutch regions of Gujarat and an investment of more than Rs. 9000 million is envisaged during the period 2006 – 2008. The Company is in an advanced stage of developing sites for the establishment of large wind farms in Gujarat. The Company would also soon be commissioning a State- of-the-Art Wind Electric Generator (WEG) Blade Manufacturing Facility at Chennai, Tamil Nadu in South India.