September 01, 2006

Dropping Knowledge: the world’s first international thought-summit

Berlin, August 23 —The votes are in. The 100 questions to be asked at the world’s first international thought-summit will soon be finalized.
In just 16 days, on September 9, 2006, the questions will be posted on dropping knowledge’s website and the global public invited to answer them. That same day, in Berlin’s historic Bebelplatz square, 112 great minds will take their seats around the world’s largest table, where their answers will be recorded by 112 cameras and microphones.
Challenging, incendiary, poetic and profound, the 100 questions to be asked on September 9 engage the key social topics of our age. Today, dropping knowledge provides an exclusive preview of the questions by announcing the 8 themes around which the global dialog will be launched. They are:

The New Global Frontier
Questions about culture, communication and interconnection.

The Human Footprint
Questions about energy, ecology and sustainable ways of life.

Reinventing Economics
Questions about poverty, prosperity and expanding opportunity.

Innovation Acceleration
Questions about science, technology and the future.

Politics of Violence
Questions about peace, conflict and casualties of war.

Understanding Power
Questions about freedom and governance.

Conscious Recognition
Questions about ethics and responsibility.

A Perceiving Eye
Questions about your view.