January 21, 2007

Multi-Family, Affordable, Urban and Green
January 18, 2007 4:48 PM
When green building jumped off the hippy boat, it landed on a shore where most homes were the domain of a wealthy elite. As a result, many people still think living in a sustainable home requires a small fortune. While it's true that many green interiors tend towards the high-end, a number of low-income housing developers have recognized the value, and the savings, of building sustainably. In doing so, they've also captured an aspect of sustainability which can be easily overlooked in single-family residential projects: community.

A piece in the New York Times yesterday featured plans for a new development in the Bronx which will utilize green roofs and courtyards as connectors between individual units, offering common ground for facilitating interaction amongst the residents.

Working-Class Housing Complex Will Rise as Part of the Greenery