February 20, 2007

China set to miss energy efficiency target
By Richard McGregor in Beijing
Published: February 17 2007 00:46 | Last updated: February 17 2007 00:46
China is becoming more unlikely to meet its target to improve its energy efficiency by 2010, according to local and foreign analysts, because of the surge in investment in heavy industry in the past five years.
The failure to meet the target would be an embarrassment to Beijing, as it was one of only two numerical benchmarks laid out by the government in its latest five-year economic plan, covering 2006-2010. The other calls for China to double per capita income between 2000 and 2010, something that is easily in sight because of strong GDP growth.
China boosts power capacity
Last year China added 102 GWe of new generating capacity, more than the total installed capacity in UK and Ireland and exactly twice Australia\'s total. Most of this was coal-fired, and only one 1000 MWe nuclear plant started up. The announcement said that Beijing would resist international pressure to slow its growth in energy demand and CO2 emissions. The 2006 power increment is likely to account for some 500 million extra tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.
China Electric Power News in FT 7/2/07.