February 08, 2007

CN: Welwind Energy International announces turbine completion
Wednesday, 07 February 2007
Welwind Energy International Corporation (WWEI )has announced that the first wind turbine produced by Guangzhou Engga Wind Energy Co. Ltd. (ENGGA) for WWEI rolled off of the production line.
The company is currently constructing the base for the turbine and will be installing the 750 KW ENGGA turbine after the Chinese spring festival next month which is Phase I of the Zhanjiang wind farm project. Windcor Power Systems, a Canadian wind developer, will oversee the installation of the first turbine. The company also announces a cooperative agreement between Welwind and ENGGA to work together on the technology and future supply of all Welwind turbines. The agreement gives Welwind priority for all turbines to be manufactured by ENGGA. The company also has agreed to establish a research center with the Nanjiang Institute of Technology.